The Beard-Off is a beard and mustache competition.


Who: Men with beards and ladies with fake and real beards.

What if I can’t grow a beard? If you’re a lady or a man with the face of a lady, simply register with your best fake beard in the freestyle category. Points are awarded for creativity in the freestyle category, so don’t just glue cotton to your face. (If you actually glue cotton to your face, that might actually be kind of sweet. You might take second!)

Why? Is this just because you’re a hipster? Beards are a fad. We’re no hipsters at the Beard-Off. We wear unstylish pants and running shoes as our regular walking shoes! We just really love beards, that’s all.

It’s true that beards have seen a perceived rise in popularity over the past five to ten years. However, since humans have grown hair, men have worn facial hair in various shapes and styles. From Christ to Santa and Lincoln to Roosevelt (the cool Roosevelt), facial hair has been the standard demonstration of manly kindness and warmth. The most recent popularity is a return to our roots as human men, not a frivolous demonstration against authority.

How? The Beard-Off consists of five rounds: one round for each category and a final round to determine the 2013 Beardsman.

Who Redux: The Beard-Off is produced by Modern Antics.

The categories are full beard, partial beard, mustache, freestyle, and lady’s beard. These are  a modified version of the official categories for the World Beard and Moustache Championships.

Three judges will determine the top three contenders in each category and the four first place winners will compete for the grand prize: the title of 2014 Beardsman. Also, there will be a fancy plaque.